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Stage Fright .. performance anxiety .. can cripple a performer. Learn how easily with NYC Goal Hypnosis Center ..you can easily develop the confidence of a seasoned professional.

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Become a Confident Actor, Musician - Eliminate Stage Fright !

Hypnosis is an Active Solution
to eliminate Stage Fright!

From our earliest years in school we have all had a moment when confidence left us as we were asked to stand up in front of our classmates and share something.

For many of us, the fear continues on as adults.  Stage Fright goes beyond the simple butterflies that perk up before a performance only to dissolve once we start playing the perfect riff, begin running a marathon or become the character in an amazing play. 

Stage Fright is the reoccurring moment when we subconsciously stop ourselves from excelling.  This Fear or Fright can delay the full potential of All Performers—from musicians and actors, to public speakers.

At New York City's Goal Hypnosis Center. we are here to help you change by creating new and healthy habits that will last a lifetime!


  • The stage is your place to shine!
  • Show confidence and not fear!
  • Focus on Creativity and not nerves.


  • Become the Character, not the fear.
  • Embrace the audience.
  • Remain Calm and clear-headed in the spotlight.


  • Focus on the Game, not the nerves.
  • Be Clear Minded for Optimum Execution.
  • Calm your heart rate to sustain Peak Performance!


Speak with no hesitation, but with confidence.

  • Maintain vocal control throughout your speech.
  • Maintain a calm demeanor during Q&A sessions.

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